1. I made this Facebook cover a couple months ago but forgot about it. 

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  2. An illustration featuring the characters of Cervantes’ Don Quixote that I recently made for a calendar. I totally messed up the upper part but oh well, I had very little time and also was moving to Barcelona (yaaay!). At least something new to share with you guys!

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  3. Book

    Hey guys! I wonder if any of you write children stories. I’d love to illustrate a small book and give it out for free but I suck at storytelling. So if you have cool stories for kids that you wanna transform into a book, drop me a private message, k?

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  4. Gif portraits of anonymous street artists (Banksy, Space Invader, Kidult) for Look At Me.

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  5. Illustrations for Psychologies magazine, 100th issue, August 2014.

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  6. A cute little pig on a… garlic.

  7. Hey everyone! I really missed my blog and I’m very sorry I was gone for a while! The reason why I haven’t posted anything in such long time is because I was travelling around Europe for the whole June! I went to Barcelona, Lloret de Mar, Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Sant’ Agnello, Vico Equense and (you didn’t expect it!) Berlin, and a couple hours in Geneva. Now I’m back and have some new stuff and exciting news to share! Also, I thought you guys may be interested in how my trip went so here are some photos from it. You can find more in my Instagram if you want. Hope you all are doing just great! xx

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  8. Anonymous said: I may be slow, but what's your full name? Tatyana or something, right?

    Hi! Haha, it’s ok. My full name is Taisiya, it has greek origins and has something to do with Isis (or Isida), a goddess in Ancient Egypt.


  9. xhentaiqueenx said: You should totally forward your fanart to Chromeo if you haven't already, it's incredible!!

    Awww thanks! I wish I knew how to do that!

  10. When I was a kid I was absolutelly in love with Astrid Lindgren’s Mio, my Son book. Idk for what reason but maybe because it was about two little boys travelling with a noble mission to fight the evil, and there was a Dad the King, and no girls or love story going on.

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  11. I don’t really have anything new to show because I’ve been working on some worthless projects just to earn and save for my upcoming trip to Europe. So here’s just a recent portrait I made for my flatmate’s birthday. 

    Hope you’re all doing well! 

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  12. Anonymous said: it's tipical question, but what brush you use?

    Oh, so sorry, hadn’t checked my inbox for a while so I saw your question only now! I use Photoshop brushes I customized a little and also some brushes from the sets of Kyle T Webster which are available for purchase online. 

  13. Kitties!

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  14. I am absolutely in love with Chromeo's new album! Oh my goodness, the video for Jealous is great!

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  15. keep drawing girls, Taya..

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