1. uncivilizedpictures asked: Your art of the GOT ladies is amazing. You really captured them. I would have loved to have seen your Brienne

    Thank you! I know, I really wanted to make a set of like 10 portraits but then I realized I was getting tired and I also can’t keep up with my work, so I dropped. But maybe one day there will come a second part haha idk

  2. Ygritte, Cersei and Daenerys by Oneforni.

    I wanted to make a huge series and call it Game of Thrones Ladies, but when finishing the third piece I realized I don’t feel like carrying on with these. So yeah, it’s more like The Three Awesome Ladies of Game of Thrones , haha!

    P.S. These are also available as prints at Society6!

  3. I made a poster for my birthday bbq party, which is today hehe

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  5. Burger Guy!

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  6. Hey! I’m open for COMMISSIONS (digital)! 

    Except it only can be characters, because those are fast.

    If you want a drawing, send me a message, or better e-mail me at oneforni@gmail.com. It can be anything you want but I won’t follow directions that are too narrow. For instance, you can ask for a red-haired girl or a gray kitty, but I’m definitely not gonna draw a female elf in a blue dress with field flowers in her silver hair riding a green-eyed unicorn. Because I haaave liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife tooooooo joke

    If you still have questions don’t hesitate to message me and I’ll do my best to explain whatever confuses you! xx

    I also want to thank everyone who constantly responds to my posts in any way, I really appreciate your support and I do recognize each of you! Hugs xx

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  7. Hey everyone! There’s a special offer on Society6 this week! FREE shipping and $5 OFF each item. If you ever thought of buying some of my prints, now’s the best time to do it! HERE is the Promo link to get your discount.

    The offer is available till April 13, 2014!

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  8. A series with girls in pretty outfits, just because. 

    You can find more of my art in my blog (and follow, unless you have of course). 


  9. Anonymous asked: hi! I just recently discovered your art and fell in love <3 I was wondering if you had set prices for commissions or if you price them based on time/detail/etc.?

    Awww thank you! I haven’t done commissions on Tumblr yet except free drawings giveaway, but yeah, if you’re interested I sure could. Obviously, the price will depend on such things as size, color and detalization. But I would like to keep the drawings simple so they are affordable, like $5-15. I think I’ll make a post with all the info today or tomorrow. Yet if you wanna something very specific you should message me with the details and I’ll tell how much that will be. :)

  10. Hey guys! I’m now on Society6! Prints are available here, and the link is also listed in my blog, right beneath the header. 

    My Facebook page is here

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  12. A set of postcards for Moscow based dog shelter Super-Sobaka.

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  13. choppye:






    Black and White - Single Character - 20USD

                                 - Interacting Characters - 10USD per extra character

    Colour - Single Character - 30USD

                 - Interacting Characters - 15USD per additional character

    email: giveortakewithinthelimitsof@gmail.com


    I’m moving to Australia in a few days and I have less money than I had intended on having due to university fees and such. So now I need money for food and transport for a few weeks while I look for a job doing god knows what and a doctor’s appointment so I can finally maybe get some medication for my silly brain.

    So yeah, email me with details and I’ll draw things in shapes you want for money.

    Will draw gratuitous yiff if I have to.

    Commission my friend! Double his asking price! Send him solid gold bars!

    yeah seriously go commission this dude he’s really cool

    Yup definitely go and do it

    He’s the coolest dorkbrain

    I really hope you folks will support this guy! I love everything he does, he’s great!

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  14. A wild Taya appears.

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  15. My new cozy workplace! It’s the second storey of a huge bunk bed that I’ve invaded and turned into a “studio”, hehe!

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